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Marionette Box
ArtReach's mission is to provide access to enriching art experiences for everyone in the greater Chicago community. ArtReach believes creative expression is a fundamental need for all people and specializes in serving the under-served members of our greater community. Whether your community serves individuals in elementary or high school, elders in a variety of settings, places of worship, after-school groups, or groups with adaptive needs, our dedicated instructors and facilitators will guide the participants through an enriching creative experience. It is our fundamental hope that through artistic processes, self- discovery is encouraged and important ideologies are brought to light within the community at large.

ArtReach at Lillstreet believes that art contributes to the development and well being of children and society in general. That belief, coupled with a desire to bring art education to a larger audience and into schools, led to the creation of Artreach (formerly the Lillstreet Learning Center) in 1987.

ArtReach is the sister organization to the Lillstreet Art Center, one of the largest art facilities in the Midwest. Artreach at Lillstreet, with many of the same curriculum Movie Boxofferings as Lillstreet, serves more than 5,000 people per year in partnerships with schools, hospitals, social service agencies, the City of Chicago, elder care communities, and more.

All of our programs are high quality, creative, and low-cost. ArtReach at Lillstreet's school programs stem from an arts based learning curriculum. Through these programs, students learn and explore history, anthropology, and science while working with clay, glaze, paint, paper, and other materials. The programs have also included public art projects where participants create sculpture and functional objects such as benches, self portraits, miniature utopias constructed of found objects, redefining and re-invigorating the words recyclable and reusable.

ArtReach at Lillsreet's programs for elder communities have included a partnership to research the positive effects of clay and well being, varied workshops for senior recreational centers, and ongoing expressive arts groups based on the adult education model. The programs aimed at elders have embraced the philosophy that "something new should happen with older adults every day," as quoted by David Greenberger of the Duplex Planet.